Here you will find some of my projects done during my degree. They range from; UI/UX, illustrative work and videography.

SOW Templates

SOW Templates was my final major project for 3rd year. The purpose of this project was to showcase my coding abilities, as well as to demonstrate a piece of technology that I thought was important in the future of web development. That piece of Technology was Progressive Web Applications, also known as PWA's.
Click here to see the finished product.

Above is a video demonstration on how the application works

This idea came to fruition when my little sisters both came to me asking me to make them a CV because they didn't know where to start & didn't own a laptop or tablet, just a iPhone. I wanted to create something that was accessible and user firnedly, that offered the guidence that could allow them both to create their own CV's. With this concept, I decided to integrate the components of a PWA to make this app even more mobile friendly, for users who don't have the luxury of a laptop or table. The main idea of a PWA is to deliver a native app-like experience but from the browser. A PWA integrates API's, a manifest file and service workers to make them installable, capable and reliable. I coded the whole application using vanilla javascript, wireframed, prototyped the interface and then performed accessibility test on the application.


'LEGOLAND' was a project part of an Interactive module for University. The brief was to create a prmotional kiosk for a place/item/event, which needed to incorporate both local and remote data. Our choice was Legoland. Both me and my team member Natsha Joshi worked hard to create something family friendly and interactive.
Click here to explore the finished piece!

Chinese New Year

'Chinese New Year' was part of a project where we were to showcase our individual talents through the creation of an interactive showcase. Our team's theme was Chinese New Year, with each member being represented by their chinese zodiac animal. My role was to design the characters in the showcase.
Click here to view the finished showcase.


During my final year, I was given the opportunity to create a 3 minute video on a topic of choice. After a series of events that personally impacted me, I decided to choose Suicide. I didn't want to waste an opportunity to try and shed light on a topic I think is important. I sat down with my mum to get her perspective on the aftermath of losing her children's father. This video was posted online to help rainse awareness for suicide and got a great reception, with 1.2 thousand views.

Like the previous, this video was a final project for my 2nd year module, post-production. This was a sit down style interview with Photographer Sam Jupp, exploring his experience so far with photography and his future aspirations. This was shot to a brief using the traditional process of brainstorming, planning and executing the idea. This video can also be found on YouTube here.

This video was created as part of an introduction to my post-production module. Our brief was a 1 minute video of our choice. We had 2 hours to put together a story board, shoot it and edit it. Our group decided to compare 2 different student's morning routines. I volunteered to direct and edit, as I had previous experience using Adobe Premier Pro.